What led us here?

Solving Difficult Problem

First Principle seeks to address some of the toughest problems existing today and take up initiative which no one has done before.  If it’s not scary, it doesn’t excite us!


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Our approach is to look at all these problems from first principles- develop a deep understanding of the problem and look for solutions based on it. We also strongly believe in the use of technology for scale and the role of research in solving tough problems.

Our Horizon includes


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Helping build globally differentiated tech from India, say a global B2C tech company. Or stirring the ecosystem, of say, science, AI or deeptech.

Social Impact

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Solving hard social problems such as creating large scale jobs, universal healthcare in India, etc

What is 1 Principle?


First principle thinking is all about thinking from the fundamentals- getting deep and understanding things at their purest, atomic level- and then building grounds up. At 1stPrinciple, we follow a similar approach of looking at any problem, not through any lens or bias but objectively at its true cause and then working through it by coming up with fundamental and novel concepts.

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